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domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

Cadarlastic in Mandaguari Race

          Has you shoelace ever untied during a race? Do you always have to tie your shoes everytime you put them on or off? I don't anymore. My first ever race  can be remembered by my desparation to decide between stopping to tie my tenis or running with them untied. In this last race my husband had this problem and lost some precious seconds tying to tie his shoes during the race in Mandaguari last Sunday, Mat31st.
          I was sent by @murilo_grossi during May a pair of racing shoelaces. It is the Cadarlastic for runners and I tested them during this race. I have already listened about this type of lace and thought it was not that important. I was wrong. Only testing  I could realize how important it is such a SIMPLE PRUDUCT and I can't run without it anymore! The reasons?
          1. You tie it on your tennis without any problem or discomfort;
          2. There is not the sensation of having a loose or tight shoe. it just fits perfectly;
          3. It's very easy to attach the chip during the race and
          4. You can only tie you shoe again next time you want to wash it!
          5. More information about this product visit
          This means, many runners as Fernanda or Marcele will love it (they never wash their shoes!!!) Kkkkk... as about the race in Mandaguari, despite my inconformity about my rank, 10th in my category, I had a new record in this run. I did 5K in 26.36, 2 minutes less than this race last year (28:55). I stepped on the stage and got a nice medal! It was another nice Sunday running gave for us.
           The medal, the politician and me. Congratulations, Mr Politician, a good administration starts with its administrators dressing on the sport t-shirt.
          My homage to our dear friend Eliane Real that got the second place in her category.
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