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quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Do you want to run in London?

         In the begining of the year I was preparing my school things to go to start teaching, I cut an image of one of the run magazine I read that said: Do you want to run in London?  I had no idea of what would happen and that was it I ran in London. Life takes us to different ways, however I do believe there is someone nice and powerful behind it all and I thank Him for being here today.
         The race was in the Old Deer Richmond Park and I hit my personal record doing it in 55.44 That is my best timing so far :).
My triunphant arrival :)
Taking out the chip by a kind lady :)
                    Still in LOLndon I had the opportunity to see my beloved aunt who took me to the raceI had a great time with her! Thank aunt marina :)
Enjoying the juice and the fruit offered by the staff.
Going back home by the famous London underground, the best tranportation of the world according to experts.
          Next year, I will look for an image saying: Do you want to run in Orlando with your family?
          I aaloso apologize myself for not visiting my friends'blogs, but as sson as I reach Brazil I will see everything you are doing by the moment, see you, Marluce

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