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sábado, 3 de setembro de 2011

My First Half Marathon!

          After 1 year of my blog and 3 years trying to run, I made it. Last Sunday, August 28th, 2011 I accomplished my 1st half marathon. I was looking forward for this day, although I couldn't have the proper preparation because of the double burden of work and the brilliant idea of giving vacation to our maid this month.
          I was afraid of not being able to make it but I did. As soon as I saw my friends' energy, everything turns to motivation and dreams and we just have to put one foot after the other and take advantage of different people, new air, beautiful places and when we realize we are there, coming to the end.

          This Sunday was one of the best in my life, I saw friends, ran around places the city I work in and won one more barrier in life and I made my first 21KM in 2h14min.
          In this race I had the opportunity to test the  ECOHEAD, an ecological headband that helps the runner in different ways. As my start was at  6:30a.m. I used it as a scarf. There were some other runners using the Ecohead as hair band and as hat. This was one of the most versatile product Marcus Araujo from Pro Ativa has sent me. I simply loved it. This is the link that explains clearer how to use the ECOHEAD:
          There is my photo with my ECOHEAD along Iguapó Lake, one of the most beautiful landscapes of the marathon.
           ECOHEAD can be used in many ways as we can see the photo below and it is also an ecological product becaiuse it is made by 2 PET bottles, it is a product that fits any sports person. In my opinion it is an excellent present for someone who likes sports and thinking green.
          Talking about friends, a marathon is a place to see them all. I started with my blogger friends that have always encouraging me to run by their comments. In this race I had the opportunity to meet  Marli from Blog da Marli, Fernanda from Porque Correr é Preciso and Rosimeyre from Emagrecer é Minha Meta.
Marluce, Marli, Fernanda e Rosimeyre
          Marcos from Born to Run on behalf of Acorremar, a team that I like a lot, was there and pushed me up during the end of my 21K route. That's what friends are for, cheers Marcos!
Eu e Marcos do Born to Run
          I also have to mention the unforgettable encounter I had with the  Baleias. The Equipe Baleias, from Belo Horizonte, is being responsible for my motivation to run. They are determined and spread happiness wherever they go all over Brazil. As soon as I knew they were in Londrina I went to their hotel and had a nice talk to them. There is the historical register of this moment with the Baleias:
Os Baleias, os Tucanos e os Arcoja
          On this day I also had the opportunity to meet two runners of  Equipe Acorja from the North of Brazil, Pernambuco, led by the Professor and biologist Gilmar Farias. In the picture I am with two of them.

          However, it is among the Tucanos from Rolândia that I had had the biggest support and motivation to run. Running has changed my life, I can't stop saying that it has brought me a better humor, better health, new ways to face problems in life and great friends, some of them in this photo, aren't they nice?
Os Tucanos Corredores
          My family tried to watch my arrival but they missed it because of the traffic but they came in the end to give me a nice hug.
          Thanks everybody for the support, for the messages and for the motivation!
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